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ProgDoc - a Program Documentation System

Though programming languages and programming styles evolve with remarkable speed today, there is no such evolution in the field of program documentation. And although there exist some popular approaches like Knuth's literate programming system WEB [Web] and nowadays JavaDoc [JDoc] or DOC++ [DOCpp], tools for managing software development and documentation are not as widespread as desirable. This paper introduces a small tool box of utilities which can be used to easily produce nicely formatted PostScript, PDF and HTML documentations for software projects with LATEX. It is especially useful for mixed language projects and for documenting already finished programs and libraries. Due to it's sophisticated syntax highlighting capabilities (currently implemented for C/C++/Java, Scheme/Elisp and XML) it is also a good choice for writing articles or technical white papers which contain source code examples.

The best way to learn more about ProgDoc is to read the ProgDoc tutorial. It was entirely written with ProgDoc. You can browse it online in HTML and PDF format or download the Postscript Version (866kb).

You can download the ProgDoc system here. Please consult the manual to find out which is the appreoriate version for you.

The current version is 1.3b NEW (05.03.2003)

The main changes with respect to prior releases are available on the Changelog page.

ProgDoc_1.3b_rh71.tgz (Should work on most Linux distributions.)
ProgDoc_1.3b_win32.tgz or ProgDoc_1.3b_win32.zip

To generate HTML output with ProgDoc, you need at least version 99.2beta5 of Latex2HTML. You can get a local copy of latex2html-99.2beta6.tar.gz or get the latest version at http://saftsack.fs.uni-bayreuth.de/~latex2ht/current/

ATTENTION (Windows users only):
The source and the win32 distributions contain binaries of the 'awk', 'flex' and 'make' utilities. These programs are native ports of the well known Unix utilities with the same name to the Windows operating system. However they have been tested to work under WindowsNT/Windows2000 only. Blair Hall has reported problems with awk.exe and make.exe when run under Windows95. So when you plan to use ProgDoc under Windows95 I recommand to install these tools along with the cygwin.dll from http://www.cygwin.com. (There is an automatic installation tool availabl there. You only need to choose the following packages: cygwin, bash, ash, make, awk and flex)
You can also find other native win32 ports of intersting Unix tools (probably only for WindowsNT/Windows2000) here and here.

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